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San Diego International Airport first in U.S. to offer airport-wide gate delivery service

AtYourGate selected as preferred service provider; first company to utilize SAN’s Innovation Lab

Monday, June 5, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority has selected AtYourGate to provide the first airport-wide passenger delivery service in the U.S. at San Diego International Airport. In partnership with mobile ordering app Grab, AtYourGate will offer passengers the ability to order food or retail items via their phone and have the items brought to them at their gate. Passengers save time and maximize choice from the entire landscape of food and retail items available at the airport. The service is currently in development with public launch targeted for this summer.

“AtYourGate is thrilled to be partnering with the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to launch this new service that will provide the next level of positive passenger experience at San Diego International Airport,” said PJ Mastracchio, Founder and CEO of AtYourGate. “We applaud the forward-thinking of the Airport Authority team in seeking to create a smarter, more innovative airport.”

Mobile ordering app Grab is the largest e-commerce platform in U.S. airports.  The app enables time-pressed travelers to pre-order restaurant and retail service items for pick-up.  AtYourGate will take the service one step further by delivering items to busy travelers and flight crews while they wait at their gate.

“Grab is excited to partner with AtYourGate and bring mobile ordering and delivery to San Diego,” said Jeff Livney, Chief Experience Officer at Grab. “We built the Grab platform to partner with innovative concepts in the airport and look forward to extending our product to include gate delivery.”

In addition to providing a valuable service for passengers, the mobile ordering and gate delivery program is expected to expand brand visibility of the airport's concessions program.

“We continually seek to raise the bar on customer satisfaction, and one way we do that is by embracing new technologies that push the envelope,” said Rick Belliotti, Director of Innovation and Small Business Development at San Diego International Airport. “AtYourGate has the right formula to deliver a high-quality service that can change the way people experience air travel – a cornerstone of our Innovation Lab,” he added.

For a demonstration video of how AtYourGate will work, visit:

For an example of how the service will look on a mobile device, please visit:  Images provided by AtYourGate.

About AtYourGate

AtYourGate is the in-airport personal shopping service for busy travelers and flight crews in airports around the world. Through a partnership with Grab, AtYourGate aims to improve passenger experience by offering a seamless mobile e-commerce and delivery experience inside the airport terminal. Open up the Grab app, browse, order, and relax. We’ve got this. We'll bring it all to you. AtYourGate.

About Grab

The largest e-commerce platform in U.S. airports, Grab is the mobile application modernizing and simplifying the purchase of airport necessities. Grab’s on-demand mobile ordering platform enables time-pressed travelers to pre-order at a variety of restaurants in a growing number of airports worldwide. It leverages users’ travel information to curate the restaurant, retail and service options along their path through the airport, enhancing customer choice and eliminating extensive wait times. Grab further reduces the stress of airport travel by providing other day-of-travel resources, such as terminal maps and gate-to-gate navigation, all in one convenient app. Download the app at or through the App Store or Google Play.



David Henninger, President, AtYourGate

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Jeff Livney, Chief Experience Officer, Grab

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Rebecca Bloomfield, San Diego International Airport

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